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Staycation: always a good idea

Listen, you have to get away. I want to tell you about the importance of getting away for a weekend. Or two.

It all started with me having the brilliant idea of going to go check out the Florida keys! Again.

I put together some of the reasons why a staycation is a good idea. It was only a few weeks ago, that I was in Key West enjoying its beautiful sunsets sailing on a boat and sipping on champagne (well needed staycation).

Reasons why a staycation is a good idea


1. Its cheap (er)...than going far

Unless you really want to take a big vacation somewhere far then you are going to need a bit more budget. Budgeting for a vacation can also mean a lot more work or just a different way to rethink where your hard earned money will go. Staycations are great because you can spend the money not on getting there but on things you can do wherever you decided to stay.

In my case I decided to just drive 3 hours to Key can call that my "backyard." I hardly spent much money on gas getting there maybe 1 tank on the Jeep but it wasn't bad. This meant I get to put most of my budget on restaurants, mojitos and spas...and still I stayed way below my budget.

2. Just relax...weekends can be so much work

We always have so many things to do and our jobs pretty much take over. But I recently noticed that ever sense I moved back to miami, even my weekends are so much work. From dinner parties to beach meetings with friends, to "let's get this house project done" type of stuff.

I think the weekend has also become a second calendar of things that must get done or you disappoint someone.

Sometimes is good to just be by yourself or your significant other and do nothing. Well maybe not...nothing at all. For the simplicity of just doing what you want and be stress and care free, to do list free.

3. You don't have to pack much

The other beauty of a staycation is the fact that you're still pretty close to home so why pack so much? If you forgot anything, just go home and get it.

luckily I don't pack much anyways, few shorts, nice shirts I can wear during the day and night with jeans and I am ready to go!

I did forget to pack toothpaste, so I just went to my nearest supermarket and that problem was solved real quick.

4. You can invite your friends (if they are nearby) too

First find out if you can, specially if you are staying in a hotel. Most hotels don't mind having guests but don't go crazy bringing 30 people.

Really, its a good idea...just bring some of your friends over to the pool and you get to hang out with them while you, the good budget thinker...are in your vacation.

Let's face it sometimes you need to get away, but not that far away and you can hang and talk with your friends, take a few selfies.

5. You can discover new places right in your backyard (you don't have to be in your literal backyard, unless we have a really tight budget)

This is something that I've always done when I moved to a new place. Get to know the hood...not the one on your car.

Find out what's going on around your neighborhood...see what's new band is playing or art gallery is opening.

In chicago, I would always do this on the weekends or friday nights. Try out a new restaurant in a neighborhood I hadn't been to. It's a great and affordable way to still feel like you're on vacation, except you're just in your city.

In Key West I had to get some seafood so what was more perfect than dinner and a sunset.

So I did my research and found One Duval restaurant. Started with champagne and ended with Tuna...and in between. Deliciousness.

We got lucky and they sat us right over looking the ocean ready for the main attraction.

It can't be hard. I'm sure you haven't been to that restaurant you always say you would go but "don't have the time"...well? Now is the time.

Hope you enjoyed some of my reasons for a staycation. Now don't just sit there. Go. Discover.



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