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100 things I am thankful for this year

I know most people around this year, start to think about what we are thankful for. As a kid who grew up in Cuba, where holidays like these were unheard of, I want to never take for granted the freedom we have, to express, create and dream. Most importantly to be thankful.

I hope you join me to do the same and publish it in your favorite form of social media let the world (or just your closest friends) know what you are thankful for.

  1. For an amazing prayers-answered year

  2. For my family growing

  3. For the new friends I made this year

  4. For the negative people who left

  5. For reconnecting with high school friends

  6. For moving closer to my family

  7. For the desire to learn new things everyday

  8. For graduating medical school

  9. For being able to continue to write

  10. For getting my first chapter in a textbook published

  11. For starting my website and blog

  12. For having the resources to stay healthy

  13. For the ability to continue to teach

  14. For the job that allows me to grow

  15. For ceviche

  16. For seeing good friends be cured from a illnesses

  17. For having the personal strength for mindfulness

  18. For the birth of new family members

  19. For the passing of some friends and family to a better place

  20. For the bonds that are present, even if you are far away

  21. For the lessons learned

  22. For the new experiences and the memory of the old ones

  23. For the new dreams

  24. For the new blessings and talents I didn’t know I was capable of

  25. For those moments where I needed to be humbled

  26. For the chance to connect with those who I have never met physically

  27. For my creative freedom and having a voice

  28. For finding new goals

  29. For knowing the best love and able to share it with others

  30. For knowing God is in control even when I am not

  31. For letting go

  32. For loosing another fear

  33. For the new challenges and obstacles, because they build character

  34. For the moments of laugher

  35. For the moments of painful tears

  36. For the moments of thankful tears

  37. For wine

  38. For the times when I was put in my place

  39. For opening my eyes to see the unseen

  40. For knowing to trust a little bit more

  41. For not giving up

  42. For knowing when to stop

  43. For never forgetting to be a kid

  44. For having dinner at Cinderella's castle

  45. For greater maturity, mentally and spiritually

  46. For deciding to grow my hair to donate

  47. For remembering that there are more important things in life

  48. For learning new recipes

  49. For restful nights of sleep, and naps.

  50. For remembering to forgive again and again

  51. For remembering to be slow to speak

  52. For thinking of the words before they leave my lips

  53. For listening first

  54. For showing me new ways to help others

  55. For the love from those around me

  56. For showing me who to step away from

  57. For the beach days

  58. For the long nights of studying and working

  59. For all the leaders around me so that I may learn from them

  60. For a new passion towards reading

  61. For tuna tartare

  62. For keeping my family safe in scary moments

  63. For our limited knowledge

  64. For the hunger to keep learning

  65. For new opportunities

  66. For remembering that it can be done, again.

  67. For the plateaus and the mountains in our path

  68. For the certain things and the random curve balls, they both teach valuable lessons

  69. For passing my board exams

  70. For the palm trees, the beach and yes, even the storms.

  71. For the new home in Miami

  72. For living new the ocean

  73. For kitty cuddles on the couch

  74. For keeping us safe through the hurricane

  75. For art and creativity minds we have

  76. For the analytical and steadfast mindsets

  77. For the failures

  78. For the second tries

  79. For being open to try new things

  80. For being open to change and chaos

  81. For being in this country (United States)

  82. For the mornings I get to open my eyes

  83. For the setbacks and the comebacks

  84. For the adventures I was able to fulfill

  85. For the days relaxing at home

  86. For the vacations I was able to go

  87. For the friendships strengthen along the way

  88. For the the new cultures I was exposed to

  89. For the amazing food I got to eat along the way

  90. For art and creativity

  91. For the plays, shows and concerts

  92. For the new job

  93. For drinking good coffee

  94. For the birthdays and the cake

  95. For spring, summer, fall and winter

  96. For another year of life

  97. For champagne, massages and good times

  98. For the surprises that bring family together

  99. For sailing and sunsets

  100. For remembering to always be thankful, even when things don't appear to go our way, because in the end it will all be done for our good.


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