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Carbs: Why are they hated?

Well...when it comes down to it, people have this love hate relationship with carbohydrates aka carbs. I don't know why, because we need them in our body. Where did Dr. Atkins go? exactly.

Carbs are essential just like proteins and fats in our body. There are lots of ways to incorporate them in our body like through fiber. Did you know fiber is a carb? plus, anybody builder /trainer our there will agree you need it to grow and get energy throughout your workout.

So don't deprive your body of carbs...they are essential. There is no magic pill or even anything created new under the son, with new get quick skinny fad diet out there, nothing changes the good old...nutritional pyramid.

Carbs are good for ya! lets break it doooooowwwn.

1. energy: its the MAIN source of fuel...when your body breaks down carbs is takes it down all the way to glucose. lets face it. everything, and I mean every cell in your body needs glucose. specially your brain! your brain functions purely on glucose.

2. weight control: I don't care how much people think or say...the truth is, carbs help with weight control. Period. Just consume fiber rich foods which make you feel full much faster. Now be careful...I am not talking about loading in simple sugars as a form of glucose.

3. make you feel good: research says that carbs boost your mood by promoting serotonin...aka the feel good chemical in your brain. It also keeps your memory on point.

4. Keeps your heart healthy: men are dying form heart disease every day. Carbs help with lowering your bad cholesterol. Keep you from having heart disease.

5. Keep your veggies and fruits: btw those are carbs, but the good kind if you want to think of it like that. Those are great ways to balance your intake and start shedding fat! you know, the one we don't want around our belly.



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