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Suicide: self murder

Is it me or do we keep hearing about more and more people committing suicide? I can't stop to think about the families and friends who are going through this tough time. From Anthony to Kate and many others not televised, the numbers of people choosing to end their life keeps going up. Last week I was talking with two parents at a social event about their daughter who took her life and how they never thought she would do something like that.

Photo of San Francisco, Golden gate bridge and the number one place where suicide takes place

The scary part is that you would never think these people would do it. Why is that? Do we have a ideas of who is "the typical" suicide victim. Do we think that only those who are suffering from depression or any other type of mental illness. Yes, I call it victim.

The word suicide (I just learned) comes for the greek for self-murder, there is a murder taking place here, just that the killer is also the victim. Although preventable it is defiantly not predictable. Even the best therapists and psychiatrists would tell you that they would never have know...but that there are always signs.


What we can do: be alert and pay attention to what our loved ones are saying, and sometimes what they aren't saying. Even what they are posting on social media accounts. There are new ways for many of us express what we are thinking, just by posting something on facebook or instagram. to them and go get help. It sounds easy, but today people are reporting to me more and more lonely. Go figure! with so many ways for us to "connect" with each other and yet, people are lonely. One of the most popular googled search today is "why am I lonely"

So lets pay attention (really) and listen to our friends. Get off the little device and actually us it as a phone. Lets work together with our friends and family.

Prevention: If you sense someone around you or you are thinking of suicide and need help call the Lifeline (see below) or if you need someone to talk to. Let me know! We are all just a phone call or a click away. There is no problem big enough. Trust me (I have been through a lot myself, lets talk and see how we can solve yours too)


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