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a simple haircut

When I first tried to do this, my boss at that time didn't allowed me to continue. It was something, I always wanted to do...but for some reason I just never was able to. About two years ago, I was studying for one of my board exams, that I remembered I want to try this again and this time no one was going to tell me know.

I decided to grow my hair out, so I can donate it to someone who is going through one of the toughest thing any human being can be going through. Cancer. The C word. Such a nasty little disease that has taken so many loved ones away from us. Throughout the process also takes away at times the personality. It's so incredible the power of self esteem can have on some. Something so simple like a haircut or the way your hair looks, can lift your spirit.

What makes us human? It's not the number of followers on our social media page, its not the number of likes our photo can get. We cannot forget what we really have and its each other. Everything can come and go with a blink of an eye...what can we do to make someone smile today? What can I do to make a change in the world? It's not just a simple haircut...I can say that this experience reminded me of what I am capable of doing. Sure, it just letting my hair grow, and looking weird for a few years; it is more than that. it's that human feeling of helping others that I hope this motivates you to go out there and do the same. Don't worry about the recognition or the number of likes...stop what you are doing, drop the phone and go out there. Actually, don't like this photo, just go and do the same.

Sure, a bunch of people are always going to be telling you why you shouldn’t do it and why you should do something. But that’s not what life is all about. It’s not about what others think of you or of what you are doing. We live in a fast paced world, and the instant gratification is the goal...lets stop and take time to do good. Let's stop and try something that can really impact the lives of others. A simple haircut

This was a fun experience, hope you find your fun good experience and spread some good around! Your future self will thank you for it.

Pantene stopped their "Beautiful lengths" hair donation project! which is a pretty good thing to know that they reported "we are pleased to share that we are able and committed to meet the future real-hair wig needs of the American and Canadian Cancer Societies for the next four years." which is amazing! So I turned to Wigs4Kids to donate mine. #donate #hair #fuckcancer


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