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But first, coffee

I have a printed phrase in my kitchen..."But first, coffee." Why? Because lets face it, when you wake up in the morning the first thing, you need is a pick me up, slap me up...boost of energy to get the day started. As much as I enjoy Zorro (my schnauzer) licking my face in the mornings, that alone wont do. I have to turn to my little Or how my non-Cuban friends call I love this wonder it is the world's #1 abused substance.


Though, coffee has that bad's not as bad as most people think it is. Growing up cuban, we always had cafe con leche (cuban espresso with milk) every morning. It was something even kids drank, and honeslty, we didn't see it as a bad thing for children. So, lets dive into the perfect cup of coffee and talk about some of the benefits of driving coffee and a new favorite discovery...caffeine with chocolate!

New product alert!!!

I recently came across this really cool product...Awake chocolate. Two of my favorite things in one bite size little gold nugget. These are little chocolates that have caffeine in it. I know #Genius

There is enough caffeine in one piece, equivalent to half a cup of coffee. Not only is it the "wake me right up" kind of thing you need every morning (or afternoon) but it’s also delicious. I took some to work the other day and all the other doctors were going crazy about it. Who would’ve thought that a tiny little piece of chocolate can give you so much energy! They come in different flavors, but I chose the one with peanut butter which is kind of nice because it also has 1 g of protein...its gluten-free too for those of you with celiac.

Some of the benefits of coffee:

  1. Increase in memory: caffeine has been shown to improve short term memory, most likely because it causes the person to become more alert of what's happening...which then causes you to actually pay attention. not a bad gain #makeithappen

  2. You will have less fatigue

  3. Alertness while driving

  4. Relieves post-workout pain

  5. Help warn off Alzheimer’s disease

  6. Increase stamina during exercise

  7. Improves reaction time and logical reasoning

  8. May prevent weight gain

  9. Boost your metabolism : can increase it by 7% in the following 3 hours, burn more fat and generate more heat

  10. caffeine is an antioxidant: Lower risk of cancers like Basel cell carcinoma, breast cancer and provide protection from type2DM

Don’t forget to check out Awake chocolates tell them I sent ya! Read more about the benefits of caffeine. Also don’t just go by me, contact your doctor if you have any questions about anything that I am discussing in this blog. Remember I am not your doctor I’m a Doctor, who wants you to be informed. Next time you go see him or her make sure you ask about any questions and concerns you have about your health. Remember its your body and you should be educated about what goes in it!


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