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COVID-19 and Mental health

During this global pandemic, there has clearly been a shift in our normal every day life. For those suffering from a mental illness or not; this has brought on additional stressors that we cannot run away from. As simple as having to quarantine, and having to stay home and even wear a mask.

We have certainly seen an increase in mental disorders even psychotic episodes in people who have never experienced such symptoms. According to the CDC 4 in 10 adults in the U.S. have reported symptoms of anxiety or depressive disorder; which is alarming.

I can tell you this much, that we’ve definitely had an increase in cases in the clinic and at the hospital where I work; and its pretty sad when you see people talking and acting like's almost like you think there is something wrong with you by not acting the same way.

As anxiety and depression continue to rise; we have to hold on to what is around us that can help us focus on improving the symptoms and also moving forward as the world changes. The CDC has published a very good article on the importance of mental health during this time. According to the CDC "During 2019, 84.4% of adults aged 18 and over experienced no or minimal symptoms of anxiety in the past 2 weeks". They have also put together some tips and advise on how to deal with the anxiety associated with COVID. They have also created

Some of the tips sound "easy to follow" but believe it or not; easy and normal is something we are all striving for. Good luck, and if you need more assistance like starting medication please go to your doctor as soon as possible.


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