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The narcissist has a new mirror

How many "Public figure" profiles have you come across instagram lately? What is this inner most desire for some to be famous? I want to share this book I recently read which opened up my eyes to some issues today...The Narcisist You Know by Joseph Burgo. Burgo writes how we can protect ourselves from those around us who are "extreme narcissists" like what he calls the bullying narcissist and the most common on social media these days the grandiose narcissist (which in reality is a characteristic of all narcissists) who claim that they are so much above the rest of us and are self-acclaimed "famous".

Have you noticed why social media has been such a big hit? What is fueling this new hobby in our culture? I have my theories but one of them is that the phone has pretty much replaced the mirror...with the countless selfies to make sure we post the "perfect one" It could be that deep inside this is feeding our narcissistic tendencies.

What is a narcissist?

Well psychiatrists define narcissist into two umbrellas, one being a personality trait or personality disorder depending on how severe this is. It also falls under a group of personality disorders that can be considered wild, dramatic, emotional and erratic. It has also an association with mood disorders like depression, anxiety as well as substance abuse.

  • Personality trait would be someone who has those tendencies with some patterns of behavior at certain times...this is where most of us fall.

  • Personality disorder would be when the type of personality has impaired the person and can take them to a level of stress that is pretty much unbearable.

Characteristics of a Narcissist

  1. Grandiose - this is probably the most identifiable one which is when they have a need for admiration and sense of entitlement

  2. Lacks empathy - this is somewhat tied to their sense of entitlement...pretty easy to see, if you feel like you are entitled then why care about the needs and wants of those around you.

  3. Reaction to criticism - when a person with narcissistic personality trait or disorder is encountered with criticism they will lash at the person or persons who are criticizing him or her.

Do you have these tendencies and has this behavior harmed your relationships with others around you? Let's talk about it or leave a comment below!


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