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NEW STUDY: Cannabis can lead to psychosis specially in teens!

So this doesn't come to much surprise, to know that marihuana use leads to psychosis. For a while studies were leading to this and was something I heard about but honestly wasn't too sure. This new study shows that large group of teens at the Univeristy of Montreal, Canada were studied. This effect was seen in the whole group.

What effect you ask? Psychosis which is usually seen in patients with schizophrenia. The interesting part is this this effect after the use of marihuana, was in the teens even if they had schizophrenia in their family or not. crazy stuff! literally.

Most people think that the daily use of marihuana is good because it just makes you feel this chill out, cool feel. But in the long term it can lead to psychosis. What can be said about those using it for medical purposes, more studies need to be done....hhhmmm

the fully study can be found here!

if you have any questions let me know!


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